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Experience a New Approach to Language Learning

Welcome to a fresh take on language learning with Crosstalki. Our approach is based on the Crosstalk method, which draws inspiration from Stephen Krashen's theory of comprehensible input.

What is Crosstalk?

Crosstalk is a unique language exchange method where you engage in conversation with a partner fluent in the language you want to learn. But here's the twist: You both converse solely in your native languages. This approach is grounded in Krashen's principle that the ability to speak a new language is the result of receiving quality input, not the cause. So, in Crosstalk, the focus is on understanding your partner's language over speaking it, underlining the importance of comprehensible input as the primary driver of language acquisition. Learn more about Crosstalk here.

Why Choose Crosstalk?

  • Direct Understanding: Crosstalk promotes direct understanding of your target language, minimizing interference from your mother tongue.
  • Efficiency: Engage in a language exchange that immerses you in your target language throughout the entire conversation.
  • Suitable for Any Level: From absolute beginners to advanced learners, Crosstalk accommodates all levels of language learners.

How Crosstalki Works

  • Create Your Profile: Share the language(s) you speak and the language(s) you wish to learn.
  • Find a Partner: Search for a language partner who complements your learning preferences.
  • Start Exchanging: Depending on your language level, you can communicate effectively by enhancing comprehensibility using nonverbal cues, such as gestures and drawings.

Crosstalki is more than just a language exchange platform. We're a thriving community of language enthusiasts. Dive into different cultures, forge friendships across the globe, and immerse yourself in authentic language learning experiences. Start your Crosstalki journey today!

The Crosstalki site is under constant development, and we are eager to receive your feedback!
Feel free to reach out to us at contact@crosstalki.com.

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